Synchronization of two Hindmarsh-Rose neurons with unidirectional coupling

Is unidirectional synchronization possible with neurons? Matlab/Simulink simulation of HR neurons exhibits such effects while showing how this could be possible even when neuronal parameters might differ. In general, neural synchrony as in some neural disorders, is unwonted behavior. Yet, if all neurons would synchronize, literally this would have effect of erased brain, simply a bulb, or zero knowledge. Such one-way synchronization plays role of copy-pasting/cloning of master neuron’s dynamics onto slave neuron without disrupting dynamics of the master neuron [1]. Apart of predicting some unidirectional ways (there might be many more) for biological neurons to synchronize, the work potentially illuminates some new directions for AI/ML.

Published in Neural Networks (Elsevier) with positive feedback in December 2012. Work originates to late 2009/2010 as onemanship.

[1] Hrg, D. Synchronization of two Hindmarsh-Rose neurons with unidirectional coupling. Neural Networks 40, 2013, 73-79. DOI: 10.1016/j.neunet.2012.12.010